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Artree Design

Knee Tube Socks for Women and Men

Knee Tube Socks for Women and Men

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Compression socks are versatile garments that offer a wide range of benefits for both men and women. They provide support and stability during various physical activities, promoting better blood flow, reducing muscle soreness, and potentially preventing injuries. Additionally, tcompression stockings can help alleviate swelling and aid in post-exercise recovery. Artree Design offers a retro vintage vibe and stylish appeal, making them suitable for various fashion choices. With a blend of modern techniques and 100% cotton, these compression socks ensure comfort, durability, and temperature regulation, catering to different preferences and needs.


Made from 100% cotton, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. These imported socks have a pull-on closure and can be easily machine-washed, offering convenience in maintenance. Designed for men and women.

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